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Remote control of technological process[edit]

Author: Hodný Jiří

Diplomové práce 2004

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The purpose of this thesis is to present the realization of a distant control of an elevator model, which is used as an educational tool for the students of the Department of Control Engineering. The model consists of three vertically placed pipes where the cylinders, representing the cabs of an elevator, are levitated by the floating air. For the educational purposes is the actual position one of the elevators measured by an analog ultrasonic sensor and the locations of all of the cabs are scanned by optical sensors, de-noting respective floors. The model is observed by a web-camera, which makes the dis-tant control possible. The control of the model is provided by a programmable logic automat from the firm WAGO, connected to the Internet. Another tasks of the work presented here were to manufacture the printed circuits controlling the fan, to identify the elevator model, to design a feedback controller, to design a demonstrational program which controls all three elevators and to visualise the model.

Dp 2004 hodny jiri.pdf