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MATLAB Web Server application for Polynomial Toolbox[edit]

Author: Novák Richard

Diplomové práce 2004

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This paper deals with the creating of an internet application, which enables on-line solution of some problems with polynomials and polynomial matrices using Polynomial Toolbox in MATLAB. The application makes use of MATLAB Web Server capabilities, which enables to receive data from internet applications and enables to work with them in MATLAB. After performing the desired computations, it displays results on the user`s side. The application consists of three parts. The first part presents input documents. The data are entered here. Afterwards, they are sent to MATLAB. The second part is an M file, which receives the data sent. In the M-file, the necessary operations are performed. It sends the results to an output document, which is the third part of the application. It displays the results from the application.

Dp 2004 novak richard.pdf