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Author: Oesterreicher Karel

Diplomové práce 2004

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This dissertation deals with the construction of the robot and its control with using the programmable controller Simatic S7-300. Especially accent is put into the possibility of control of the robot in the 2D space with restriction of acceleration all drives. The Simatics aren´t determined neither for complicated mathematical calculations nor for processing of informations but for the control of technological units in the real time. In spite of it I utilized some reserves of the machine time for calculation a suitable trajectory of robot in the 2D space and for control its position according to this calculations. In this dissertation is thoroughly designed an interface for the control and for the visual representation with using the developmental software InTouch. My interface allows the basic operator’s functions, the visual representation, the assignment a new map of the working space and the programming methods of work of the robot.

Dp 2004 oesterreicher karel.pdf