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Control system of the calibration trolley[edit]

Author: Jakub Hamouz

Diplomové práce 2005

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The aim of this work is to describe the control system that was developed for a new calibration trolley for Czech calibration station in Prague. The new trolley replaces the old one, which was destroyed during floods in 2002. Nowadays, the main task of the trolley is a calibration of propellers, which are designed for measuring a water-flow speed. During calibration, propellers are dragged in a water-channel below the trolley. This report is divided into three main parts, each of them concerns one level of the control system. The lower level, consisting of two cards with programmable logic arrays Xilinx, serves for manual control of the trolley and for position, time, speed and propeller pulses measurements, which all are needed for the calibration process. The upper level, made up of an onboard computer, makes it possible to control the trolley and the whole calibration process automatically. The outcomes of measurements are saved into this computer and also are regularly being sent into another computer in the control room through wireless network LAN. The control room represents the third, supervision level, and it is also possible to control the trolley from there. In that case, the calibration process is visualized in the control room.

Dp 2005 hamouz jakub.pdf