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Tool Developement for VLT Telescope Controller Design[edit]

Author: Holub Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2005

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Modern telescopes, such as the Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile, require very precise positioning of the optical system and fast response to reference signal at the same time. On the other hand enlargements in the telescope size increase the importance of wind disturbance attenuation. This work precisely formulates the mentioned control objectives and points out that these objectives are somewhat conflicting. For the given dynamical model of the VLT, controller is designed utilizing Hinf synthesis. The resulting controller is superior to the existing solution, however, it has relatively high system order. Higher order models are rather common within the H1 synthesis, thus a tool for comfortable access to reduction methods has been implemented in Matlab. Finally, practical aspects of Hinf synthesis are shown on an exmple of flexible link positioning.

Dp 2005 holub ondrej.pdf