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Optimalization Algorithms of Control System for Inteligent Building[edit]

Author: Pivoňková Alena

Diplomové práce 2005

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The paper describes a concept of the integrated control system for the intelligent building. It accentuates the connectivity using a gateway and standard communication protocols like EIB, LonWorks or BACnet.

The paper analyses the algorithm of the demand limiting and load rolling according to consumption maximum of 15 minutes and shows its importance for the decreasing of operating costs.

Further more, it occupies the optimal start/stop algorithm for the heating/cooling room comfort. It builds a simulation model of the heating system for development of an original algorithm. However it goes over the framework of this work. A current algorithm for real facility has been estimated. The measured data confirms a significant energy savings for the building heating that reaches 23 percent in comparison with a conventional controller with outside temperature reference and night/weekend set point biases.

The work designs a graphic presentation of the optimization algorithms in operating control rooms of intelligent buildings using plant technology diagrams with various detailed views. The classical dynamic colour graphics and trends were enhanced with transparent visualisation of enormous amounts of actual and historical data using Starfield Display, River of Time and Colour Spectrum applications for users, this approach allows to make quicker and better decisions in critical situations and the simultaneously it provides comprehensive information from the complex intelligent building control algorithms.

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