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Fuzzy control of technology process model[edit]

Author: Filip Šibrava

Diplomové práce 2005

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Work deals about design and realisation of wrapping line model with help of fuzzy control. The model consists of three belts and transport device. Two compact PLCs (type TC600) are used for control of the model. Both PLCs are connected with model by use of electronic converters / amplifiers. First PLC contains main controlling algorithm. Second PLC contains algorithm of fuzzy control. Controlling algorithm, which ensures tracking of products by pallets, can use rule inference according to Mamdani or Sugeno - Tagaki style. Both PLCs are connected through net, which allow sharing data. Proximity sensors are used for detection of objects on the belts. IRC sensors measure velocity and trajectory of objects. Transport device and belts are driven by DC drives.

Dp 2005 sibrava filip.pdf