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Remote Lab Environment[edit]

Author: Novotny Vladimir

Diplomové práce 2005

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This work is about remote education focused on study within a framework of control engineering. The main task was to enlarge possibilities for remote education by adding different models, which are at disposal in control engineering lab. This included remake a new analysis of database system, which administrates remote access to models. Problem was, that the database system was originally created to be able to handle only one model. The analysis confirmed the necessity of enlargement of database model and adjusting web interface. New websites must be now capable to handle reservations for more models.

Next we’ve focused on some problems that we have to face in workaday remote control tasks. One of them is interference between visualization and process part of a project. This topic means what kinds of consequences have changes on process part towards visualization. The solution was demonstrated on application of remote controlling of pneumatic lift. We used Siemens products - WinCC v.6 on the visualization side and SIMATIC Manager on the process side.

Dp 2005 novotny vladimir.pdf