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Supporting tools for RTPS communication[edit]

Author: Pokorny Lukas

Diplomové práce 2005

Download thesis in PDF

The main task of my work was to develop supporting tools to ORTE project. ORTE is a free (open-source) implemenation of RTPS (Real-Time Publish-Subscribe) communication protocol. RTPS protocol allows real-time communication accross Ethernet.

The main task (supporting tools) should be divided into 2 groups: Java API to OTRE and tools for monitoring RTPS communication. The result of the first part is Java package org.ocera.orte, which contains Java API. The result of the second part is a module for program Ethereal and new aplication RTPSeYe. The module allows to Ethereal dissect and view parts of RTPS messages. RTPSeYe allows discovering a monitoring network applications, which use RTPS protocol.

It's possible to get my work on ocera.org and ethernal.com.

Dp 2005 pokorny lukas.pdf