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EtherNet/IP in Industrial Control[edit]

Author: Prokůpek Zdeněk

Diplomové práce 2007

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This dissertation deals with the communications lines of NetLinx architecture from the company Rockwell Automation, sight on ControlNet and EtherNet/IP networks. In the test room nets realization for testing communicating is carried out through a switch with management Cisco Catalyst 2960. Feature of the switch, called port minoring, and the program Wireshark intended for monitoring and analysing of the communication on the Ethernet network, are used to determine of a way of the communication among automatics through EtherNet/IP. Flash applications that attract data via SNMP protocol are used to determine net load. Then PHP script, which is periodically triggered on the server performs the role of SNMP manager and the communications modules Allen-Bradley and the switch Cisco perform the role of the SNMP agents.

Because of the laboratory presentation new web pages were created, whereas the content of the web is dedicated to description of the establishment Allen-Bradley especially and the models placed at the test room. The web pages are established to provide easy up-dating of the content. For the model of two axis sticker machine a Flash application enabling exclusive control of this model was also created and a simple reservation system in the ControlLogix automat was integrated to provide the exclusive control.

Dp 2007 prokupek zdenek.pdf