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Bounded active damping of automobile suspension[edit]

Author: Kolář Josef

Diplomové práce 2008

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The aim of the diploma thesis is to project the procedure of energy recovery from the system of active suspension for various surface of road.

The active suspension was established as a help for better driving properties and vehicle comfort. The whole system of active suspension is very energy-consuming therefore it is important to find the way, how to spare the energy, perhaps even to recuperate it. By reason that active suspension is created with linear motor, it is possible to perform to generator mode in some states and to generate electric energy. This energy is possible to store and then to use for the motor move at a time when it performs in motor mode (suspension).

The whole thesis is composed of two parts. The model for various real surfaces is assembled in the first part. In the second part, the models of surfaces are used as input for suspension system and there is proposed regulator for the system. Because of provision of robustness the regulator is i>Hoo/i> type. The vehicle model is represented by so-called quarter vehicle model that includes damper, spring, linear motor and quarter of vehicle weight.

Dp 2008 kolar josef.pdf