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Design of Smart home Multi-layer Control system[edit]

Author: Doležal Jan

Diplomové práce 2008

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This thesis proposes an optimal structure of a control system suitable for smart homes. There are many complex and general systems for automation, but the same system used for factory automation is not suitable for application in an apartment. Author takes technical, economical and especially user points of view into account to design an innovative three-layer control system. It meets requirements of various kinds of users better than the currently used two-layer systems. A detailed description of the new proposed middle layer is provided, including connection to existing systems, innovative user interface and hardware implementation. Simplified visual logic system is designed so that even an unskilled user can use middle layer to perform basic maintenance and modifications by himself without risking damage to the bottom-layer functions. Solutions optimized for home automation could finally cover gap at the market and, thus, intelligent installations could become frequent at homes.

Dp 2008 dolezal jan.pdf