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Distributed sontrol system with Rockwell Automation controllers[edit]

Autor: Hanzlík Jiří

Diplomové práce 2008

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The main goal of this master thesis is realization of distributed control system for models in the K23 laboratory. Control system is based on Rockwell Automation controllers. This system contains some existing models and new models that represent model of coupled tanks realized within the scope of this thesis. Visualisation is also created and one model can be remote controlled and monitored using internet.

The Coupled tanks model represents control of liquid level in tanks. The model satisfies requirements for secure voltage supply and is equipped by industrial sensors and actuators. PAC, PC with Matlab and control panel are able to control the model. Operating point selection is priority based.

The thesis also contains demo programs for PAC education.

Dp 2008 hanzlik jiri.pdf