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Support for a simulation with hardware-in-the-loop[edit]

Author: Jelínek Pavel

Diplomové práce 2008

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This graduation thesis deals with creation of a support for generation of a C code from a Simulink model, known as a target, for a hardware with the operating system GNU Linux.

The thesis describes creation of a basic target and his further extension by real time execution, external mode and a template for creation of an input/output interface used for asynchronous serial line RS232 interface.

An attention is also focused on creation cross compilers for compilation of the generated C code under operating system Windows XP with processor x86, where Simulink is running, for Linux operating system with processors x86 or PowerPC (core 603e). Linux emulators (Cygwin and MinGW) are used for compilation. The manipulation of the compiled code between Linux emulators and operating system GNU Linux is described.

The potential of the final solution and its usage are presented in a demo application. The further development of the target is suggested.

Dp 2008 jelinek pavel.pdf