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System for Positioning Stages with Piezoelectric Actuators[edit]

Author: Milan Anderle

Diplomové práce 2008

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Objective of this diploma thesis was to design and realise a processor system for excitation and measuring of 2-D capacitive position sensor. The key blocks of the measuring circuit are microprocessor, gate array, and A/D and D/A convertors. The main task of my work was to design and implement a communication between microprocessor and A/D and D/A convertors with gate array. At first the communication has been built and tested with CPLD. As a next step, than CPLD has been replaced by FPGA, which enables not only to work with two capacitive position sensors simultaneously, but also to filtering the data acquired from the sensor. Function of the setup with FPGA has been tested on supplied capacitive position sensor.

Dp 2008 anderle milan.pdf