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Device for Inertial Navigation[edit]

Author: Eduard Doskočil

Diplomové práce 2008

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My graduation theses is devoted to the project of navigation system (with algorithms included). The system is suitable for the spaces without GPS signal access – for example for inner space of buildings, for dense build-up areas or for cave spaces. My system is specialized in the movement of human being – in walking. Algorithms for the current location establishing are using the measured datas from the named inertial senzors – three-axis accelerometer, one-axis gyroscope and three senzors measuring the Earth magnetic field integrated in electronic compass. For data measuring is designed the navigation unit with MSP430F169 processor equipped with senzors for data acquisition and with RS232 user interface designed for data transmission into PC unit. Serial dataflash store and SD and MMC cards are used for measured data saving.

Dp 2008 doskocil eduard.pdf