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Optimization of Power Reserves Used for Balance Control in the Trasmission System[edit]

Author: Petr Filas

Diplomové práce 2008

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This diploma thesis deals with an optimization of power reserves (ancillary services) used for power balance regulation in the transmission system of Czech Republic, provided and maintained by ČEPS, Inc. The optimization of power reserves can be divided in two tasks. The first task is to find such amounts of ancillary services, for whose we spend less costs than in last few years and with whose help the control performance in transmission system won’t be worse than in last few years. The goal of the second task is to find out differences in costs of purchases of ancillary services if we reduce the control performance requirements. In both tasks the optimizing parameters were amounts of each type of ancillary service. The criterion includes costs of ancillary services purchase and the control performance in transmission system. Existing indices and the existing Simulink® model of the transmission system controller were used for an interpretation and an evaluation of the control performance. The following methods were used for solving both tasks – complete search method and genetic algorithms. Both methods solved the second task satisfactorily, but for the first task neither of them provided us sufficient results. Indeed within this thesis a next approach leading to more accurate results of the first task was designed.

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