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Client for Profibus DP Protocol Analyser[edit]

Author: Aleš Kautský

Diplomové práce 2008

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In my master thesis I deal with the implementation of a Profibus DP analysis tool, working as a client application in a client - server architecture. The communication between the client and the server is done via Ethernet. The server application and the RS-485 to PCI interface card is being developed by my colleagues in their master theses. The client application is developed in .NET Framework 2.0 platform for Windows 2000/XP OS. The graphical user interface is oriented at data visualisation. The application allows easier analysis of the Profius DP frames by applying certain functions concerning data filtration and interpretation. The data from the server can be saved in the local memory storage, and loaded and visualised later again. The communication protocol is based on the eXtended Markup Language (XML).

Dp 2008 kautsky ales.pdf