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Control of Technological Process in Copolymerization Reactor[edit]

Author: Kozojed Aleš

Diplomové práce 2008

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This thesis engages in creating the mathematical model of the polypropylene reactor for the production of polypropylene in the gas phase. The primary target of this work is to create the mathematical model which describes the temperature conditions in the polymerization reactor. Secondary target of this work is to design the regulators for the mathematical model, which was created in the primary part of this work. The main task for the designed regulators is to stabilize the temperature in the reactor. In the first part of this work, the physical-chemistry principles of the polymerization of the polypropylene in the gas phase , the system of the polymerization unit and the polymerization reactor, the main part of the polymerization unit, are described. In the second part of this work, the materials and energy balances of the polymerization reactor are derived. On the base of these balances, the non linear mathematical model, which describes the temperature conditions in the reactor, is derived. Non linear model is linearized in the working point of the reactor. Fuzzy PD regulators are designed for the stabilization of the temperate in the reactor. Their design is described in the third part of this work. The regulators which were designed in the previous part are tested in the fourth part ofthis work. It follows from the tests that the design of all regulators was successful. All designed regulators stabilized the temperature in the reactor on the required temperature, without any important deviation. In the end of this work, the possibility of application of the designed regulators is discussed.

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