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Control of Technological Process in Clauss Recovery Unit - Feeding of the Sulfur Condensing Drum[edit]

Author: Miloslav Krajl

Diplomové práce 2008

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This master thesis solves a pressure regulation of low-pressure steam inside the waste heat boiler in technological unit of Claus sulfur recovery unit. Sulphan is burning by stechiometrical ratio of air a reaction heat that is con- ducted on the tube bundle entrance inside the boiler. Fall of temperature is in progress and condensation of reactive waste product that are brought into the cat- alytic conventors is happening, where they capsule into element sulfur. Due to the energy transfer to water supply rise the low-pressure saturated steam, it’s pressure value must exceed pressure up to 250 kPa. Pressure exceeding inside the waste product boiler is beeing accomplished via two regulation loops of water supply inside the low-presure exhalation boiler that regulates fuzzy PD regulators.

Dp 2008 krajl miloslav.pdf