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Experiments Repository[edit]

Author: Jan Lehký

Diplomové práce 2008

Download thesis in PDF

This diploma thesis implements a user interface, which will be used as a part of the project for company Aero Vodochody. Most of this program is writen in C# programing language, but there are import and export functions implemented in Matlab program. This user interface allows archivation and manipulation with data from Matlab by using its COM interface and its Automation server. Data are stored in PostgreSQL database, it is posible to store files into the database as setting of experiment, documentation, graphs. There are an easy to use and intuitive tools to work with data in the user interface. It is possible to plot and compare this data and save figures to the disk if it is needed. Word document can be generated by this tool. This documents can be used as reports or presentation of experiments.

Dp 2008 lehky jan.pdf