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Realisation of a Concrete-Factory Model[edit]

Author: Ivo Mikoška

Diplomové práce 2008

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Purpose of this dissertation is a project of available executive program to proceedings technology production of a concrete and making a model miniature concrete plant in cooperation with PEMTEC company. Concrete is produced only at concrete plants which are able to supply a large quantity of concrete in short operation time and high quality. Complicated process of production must be unfailingly managed forcefully on exact scaling of a primary comodities. Thanks to correct composition of these comodities can be produced concrete acquitting a claim to a quality standarts. For proceedings technology were used a components of the industrial automatization SIMATIC produced by SIEMENS company. Process visualization and control over technology was programmed by virtue of WinCC software produced by SIEMENS company too.

Dp 2008 mikoska ivo.pdf