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Design and Implementation of SW System for Calculation andDesign of Energy Saving Acquisition in Buildings[edit]

Author: Pavel Novák

Diplomové práce 2008

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This thesis deals with the complex proposal and implementation of the software part of system for calculation and suggestion for low cost disposal in the building. Firstly, the basic computational relations used in the system are analyzed and described. These relations start from physical qualities of objects and correspond with the valid Czech, or let us say European, norms. Secondly, the proposal and implementation of the software part of the system have been described. Software implementation is the foundation of the Microsoft .Net 3.5 in language C#. SW design corresponds with requirements analyzed in advance by power inspectors as a main goal user's group. The working environment is divided into three parts - setting input dates about the object, the analysis of the entrance dates with calculation of energetic economic steps option and estimation design options by several aspects.

Dp 2008 novak pavel.pdf