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Server for Profibus DP Protocol Analyser[edit]

Author: Martin Samek

Diplomové práce 2008

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The subject of this master thesis is aimed at creation of a software tool, which will be helpful to capture, postprocess and analyse data from the ProFIbus DP FIeldbus. This thesis discusses an implementation of the TCP/IP server under the Linux operating system. The server is intended to act as an intermediary between the ProFIbus DP fieldbus and a GUI application, which is being developed separately of this thesis. This solution assumes taking advantage of commonly used hardware and it is an alternative to the commercial products. Such products are usually based on the proprietary hardware equipment, purchase costs of which are very high. This solution is based on an existing driver for communication PCI card, which makes possible to capture data transmitted over the Profibus DP fieldbus. The server makes up an universal interface for accessing to the fieldbus through an IP network. The main usage of this server is a long-time period data capturing for later analysis in the client application. This application also finds its usage in the school environment, where more students can use one fieldbus simultaneously.

Dp 2008 samek martin.pdf