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LonWorks Protocol Implementation[edit]

Author:Zdeněk Vít

Diplomové práce 2009

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This final-year dissertation deals with implementing the lowest driver for PC104 card for the LonWorks and creating a host application for this card. Both the driver and the Host Application are implemented for the Windows operating system and for the real–time operating system On-time.

The card is, together with the computer, in the based node regime, and does not behave as a manager of the network. A Network Interface Selection mode, which means communication of the maximum of 62 variables. The card is equipped with the MIP/P50 firmware in the host selection mode is then analysed, i.e. the expansion of the number of variables up to the maximum number of 4096.

For the access to the hardware card under Windows the DLL library wldv32.dll is used, which implements functions ldv_open, ldv_close, ldv_read, ldv_write. The following task was to create a driver for On-time and replace the wldv32.dll library with a new implementation of functions ldv_open, ldv_close, ldv_read, ldv_write. Because the software is based on my own implementation of the presentation and application layers of the LonTalk protocol, a large part of this work is devoted to the analysis of these layers. The result is only one Host Application suitable for both systems, with the needed version being generated by the conditioned compilation.

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