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D.A.L.I. Protocol Implementation on STM8 Microcontroller[edit]

Author: Knotek Martin

Diplomové práce 2009

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The main goal of this master thesis was to create a software library for D.A.L.I. communication protocol for STMicroelectronics 8-bit microcontroller STM8. The D.A.L.I protocol is mainly used for automation and light management in office buildings. Its significance is growing every year; therefore, many automation companies are willing to include support of this protocol into their portfolio. Development of this application was accomplished in C programming language, with support of STMicroelectronics Visual Develop IDE and tested on STM8S2xx evaluation board.

First part of the software library concerns with master device software. The main task of the master unit is to address and control slave devices with aid of commands defined in the IEC Standard 60929, Annex E G norm. Another task for the master device is to communicate and interpret commands sent by the demonstration program running on PC.

Second part of the software was created for the slave unit that controls the light device depending on commands received from the master unit. The last part of my work was to create a demonstration program for the PC. This application communicates with the master device over the USB bus and passes the commands placed by the user in the graphical interface.

Dp 2009 knotek martin.pdf