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Tracking and prediction of energy consumption in a technological process[edit]

Author: Dočekal Jan

Diplomové práce 2009

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This thesis deals with Energy Management systems that are used in industrial process and one system is also realized. The thesis introduction brie y explains the basics of Energy Management. In this place the basic requirements are described on the Energy Management System that is useful in technological process. Then was made the market survey. Thesis is focused on the Energy Management systems that deal with reporting and prediction of energy data. There are many views on this issue and for purpose of the thesis two main categories were selected. The first one is only database level implementation in Energy Management. This solution type supposes that the data collection will be realized on the customer's side. On the other hand there are solutions that are in both process and database level. These solutions provide services from data acquiring to database processing.

The last part describes the Energy Management solution. This solution is based on the PCS7 Siemens platform and exploits special PCS7 library to retrieving the energy data. The solution consists of two systems. The first one is reporting system that was developed by SIDAT Ltd. Based on this reporting system the prediction system was developed for purposes of this thesis. The user interface of prediction system was selected MS Excel because of it is often used platform for data processing.

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