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Communication Protocol and Nodes for Distributed Data Acquisition and Control[edit]

Author: Hrbek Stanislav

Diplomové práce 2009

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This diploma thesis is focused to uLan communication protocol, its implementation on various platforms and to application software using the protocol for data acquisition and instruments control.

Theoretical part of this work discusses about protocol properties, its suitability for diferent kinds of field applications. There is also protocol implementation explained in detail, especially for small embedded devices (system-less version). It also contains simple description of object interface and browser designed for object values changes and readings. Description of USB-uLan aplication, which is important for practical part of work, is included too.

The extension of protocol driver implementation to allow multiple logical units to be implemented in single physical device utilizing one communication interface hardware has been realized in practical part of the work. The device frmware utilizing feature of multiple logical units in single physical device has been developed as well.

Dp 2009 hrbek stanislav.pdf