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Building Heating Control[edit]

Author: Kubeček Jakub

Diplomové práce 2009

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This thesis finds a solution for control of ceiling radiant heating in the multilevel university building of Cˇ VUT in Prague – Dejvice. The building is divided into several independent building blocks. The respective building blocks have got mutually separated circuits. The goal of the theoretical and practical part of the thesis was to design a model predictive controller (MPC). To design the controller, it was necessary to analyze all records of the previous heating activity. From this analysis, suitable failure-free sections with adequate length were selected. Possible methods of heating control were studied and a model based on Subspace identification methods was idetnified. Based on said model, the MPC controller was designed. The MPC controller uses a quadratic optimality criterion and a finite prediction horizon. Everything was implemented on the Scilab platform and tested on an industrial computer. The tests did not display any serious problem. The system is operable and suitable for the heating control of the university building.

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