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Dispatcher support system for power balance control[edit]

Author: Malík Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2009

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A concept of cost-optimal automatic controller for power balance control in a transmission system is proposed in this thesis. Based on prediction of future power balance development, the controller computes a schedule for activation of regulation reserves, which minimizes the regulation energy costs while maintaining required control performance. Such optimization is periodically repeated with updated power balance prediction and regulation reserves state, hence the concept is, to some extent, similar to model-based predictive controller (MPC).

The optimization problem is formulated as a mixed-integer linear program and optimized using available solvers. The formulation allows to precisely model the dynamics of regulation reserves (e. g. activation delays or ramping rates) and allows to impose dispatch constraints on their activation (e. g. activation change or power change limits). The optimization on a moving horizon is performed in conjunction with the PI controller model, which simulates the secondary frequency control actions.

The results of test cases show, that the proposed controller is capable of reducing the regulation energy costs without compromising the control performance. Therefore, the controller might prove useful in supporting the Transmission System Operator dispatchers decisions in power balance control.

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