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Cloudiness Sensor[edit]

Author: Papík Přemysl

Diplomové práce 2009

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This diploma thesis was motivated by obtaining a special sensor. This sensor was required to detect visible impurities in the flowing water. The goal of the sensor implementation in the industry operation is the enhancing the sewage works efficiency. This will help the nature and the aquatic ecology. Because no sensor like this was found, own research was started. This research allowed a specialized sensor. It's characteristics are now in the best harmony with the primary requirements.

The project is about the development of the software for the video sensor. This sensor count the degree of the image pollution, recognize individual objects and count it's quantity and size. This process is running with minimum hardware components. The main components are the board camera with a CMOS video chip and the FPGA (Field programmable gate array) chip. For the realization was used a development kit RC10 by Celoxica company, which contains FPGA Xilinx XC3S1500 device and others useful components as it's peripheries. For the implementation were used programming languages VHDL (Very high description language) and the assembler for the PicoBlaze3 softcore microcontroler.

Dp 2009 papik premysl.pdf