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Control of Model Simulated in Matlab by PCS7[edit]

Author: Sochor Milan

Diplomové práce 2009

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This work deals with a possibility of an industrial Matlab model control using the PCS7 system and its usage in education. The work consists of two basic parts. In the first part a project in PSC7 system is created. The project is designed to use a redundant control system and implements the PLC-PC connection. The second part deals with programming of a software component for communication between Matlab and PLCSim simulator, which makes it possible to control the model without need of expensive hardware.

After literature study and getting familiar with PCS7 system interface the project has been created for the model control in Matlab using the hardware PLC. Model control was tested using the Matlab model of “TecQuipment Coupled Tanks”.

In second part of the work the Matlab environment connection and the communication with the PLCSim environment has been tested. This solution makes the test possible without need of expensive hardware.

Dp 2009 sochor milan.pdf