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Video Processing for Mobile Robotics with i.MX1 Processor[edit]

Author: Zikmund Aleš

Diplomové práce 2009

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The thesis contains complete design and implementation of capture image embedded system. This system use processor i.MX that disposes of the hardware support of image capture. The thesis contains description of i.MX capture image peripheral and image sensor OV7660 description, that was selected for purpose in this thesis. The thesis next contains hardware design for connecting with PiMXboard. Next chapters explain the kernel programming interfaces that are required driver implementation on the operating system Linux. Thare are V4L2, VIDEOBUF and DMA interfaces. After principal function documentation of driver the thesis contains the image capture application example. At application testing it was taken that this complete embedded system don’t reach fast frame rates because the i.MX has small computing power.

Download thesis in PDF