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Implementation of the LinCAN Driver for the PowerPC Platform and LinCAN-SocketCAN Evaluation

Author: Petera Martin

Diplomové práce 2010

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This diploma thesis describes implementation of the LinCAN driver for the Freescale (formerly Motorola) Scalable Controller Area Network (MSCAN) and its comparision with the SocketCAN implementation, which is integrated into the main branch of the Linux Vanilla Kernel. The CAN controller is part of the processor MPC5200/B (PowerPC architecture, Freescale Semiconductor), which is used as a main processor unit of a processor board called SHARK (developed by Mikroklima s.r.o, MIDAM division). This processor board is used in projects of Department of Control Engineering, Faculty of Eletrical engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague.

The second part of this document describes series of test and their results focused on a reliability of transmission and CAN frame transfer rate. The tests are accomplished with the standard linux kernel 2.6.30 ported for the processor board SHARK and with the linux kernel 2.6.29 including a Real-Time patch. The part of the tests passed on a input-output board shipped with SHARK proccesor module developed by Mikroklima s.r.o. For the rest of the tests was used input-output board developed at the Department of Control Engineering formerly named RYU board.

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