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External Mode Support in Microcontrolers[edit]

Author: Smítka Ondřej

Diplomové práce 2010

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This thesis deals with the support of External Mode in microcontrollers. External mode is a special mode of communication with Simulink that allows us to monitor and control the course of simulation in Simulink, even if the calculation model is executed on a microcontroller.

The thesis describes the possibility of using External Mode in the design of the control system, build support for MCU, describes architecture and communication protocol of the External Mode. External Mode supports communication via serial RS-232, which was ported on 56F8367 microcontroller. The core work is to build support for External Mode to microcontroller using communication via CAN bus. The support of the External Mode via different communication protocol (JTAG/OnCE) is outlined in the end of the work. This description is intended to be basic for the next project.

Dp 2010 smitka ondrej.pdf