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ITEM, a TinyOS module for sensor networks - Testing and application[edit]

Author: Beneš Pavel

Diplomové práce 2010

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This thesis deals with testing and application of the ITEM module. It is a communication module designed for usage in applications for wireless sensor networks. Thanks to implemented TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and E-ASAP (Extended Adaptive Slot Assignment Protocol) protocols the module is able to react to dynamic network structure changes. The original version of the module must be thoroughly tested and discovered inadequacies must be removed before using in practical applications. Data must be collected from the network and then re-evaluated for testing. First, a correct function of the module is verified. For this reason a JAVA application was created. It captures and clearly presents exact sequence of events of individual network devices. With re-evaluation of these events we can determine correctness of the ITEM module function due to used network structure. After verification of correctness, performance of the network with the ITEM module is tested. This performance test contains channel capacity utilization and message delivery from source to target duration. For comparison of results, original version of module used for data collection, which uses CSMA protocol was chosen. Finally, application for data measurement was created. Data measurement in various places of the network is the most common requirement of wireless sensor networks

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