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Modeling and Control of Aftertreatment Systems for Diesel Combustion Engines[edit]

Author: Vladimír Dvořák

Diplomové práce 2010

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A diesel exhaust gas aftertreatment system model is developed in this thesis. Based on detailed background research, the SCR system is chosen for model development as the most suitable for heavy duty automotive application. The aftertreatment system model is implemented in MATLAB/Simulink software and incorporates the major physical phenomena that take place in the comparable real device. The main emphasis of model development is placed on simplicity and relative accuracy, in order that the resulting model can be used for control simulation purposes and the design of experiments for engine testbed application. The model is validated through a set of simulations that also reveal the influence of particular catalyst parameters on model behavior. A control strategy based on diesel engine model data provided by the Honeywell company is implemented. The obtained model is controlled by a simple PID controller, so that the possibilities of the aftertreatment system control can be demonstrated. The results of conducted simulations proved that the developed model is sufficiently accurate. The conducted simulations and anticipated results are in line with expectations. Also it is shown in this thesis that the aftertreatment system feedback control strategy has a disturbance mitigation role.

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