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Motor control using frequency AC drive[edit]

Author: Pavel Elkner

Diplomové práce 2010

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The thesis describes the design and construction of educational laboratory model for control induction motor with frequency AC drive (frequency converter). Induction motor is possible brake by active load control and thus simulate using induction motor in industry. The model also includes hardware and software components of Rockwell Automation company for controling and monitoring the two motor laboratory model and a model of induction motor controlled by frequency AC drive PowerFlex 40 and model with servo-motor controlled frequency AC drive PowerFlex 700S. The main control element is programmable logic controller CompactLogix and the main monitoring and command element is a graphical user interface run on a normal PC. Furthermore, in the context of this work was made graphical user interface for operating touchpanel and a portable operator driver.

Dp 2010 elkner pavel.pdf