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Control unit drive for electric bike[edit]

Author: Jan Fiala

Diplomové práce 2010

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Purpose of this thesis is to design and implement electronic control unit for electric bike powered by brushless motor placed in the hub of front or rear wheel. Design includes complete electronic schematics with selection of suitable components, creation of printed circuit board and casing for device protection. Control unit provides smooth control according to traction characteristics of torque or power. Motor control is executed by a three-phase bridge. Each of the switching devices is controlled by independent, pulse-width modulated signal generated by microcontroller. This configuration allows use of brushless motor for specified voltage generation. Generator mode is used for regenerative braking. To make whole system more versatile, the user interface with display and pushbuttons is added for control, parametrization and basic diagnostics. Finally, available technologies of elektrochemical cells are discussed and the most suitable one is selected.

Dp 2010 fiala jan.pdf