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System for measurement of quiescent current in cars[edit]

Autor: Zdeněk Hovorka

Diplomové práce 2010

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The goal of diploma thesis is software equipment for control and data evaluation from system of measurement a quiescent current inside of on-board system an automobile. Part of diploma thesis handle to problems with measurement of quiescent current and accesible methods of measurement. Further on the basis choice method of measurement construct a system enabling measurement of electrical current and backward analyses of measured data. In thesis is foreshadowed basic work with necessary softwares such as e.g. CANoe,CANdb++ or Visual Studio 2008 and programming languages CAPL and C\#. Programming laguage CAPL is used for measurement quantities in real-time and pre-setting the system, which this quantities measures. Programming language C\# is used to development a software for backward analyse in the form of graphs.

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