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Control of Laboratory Model with Coupled Servomotors[edit]

Author: Karel Jonáš

Diplomové práce 2010

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This thesis deals with the mathematical derivation of the model and the identification of the real laboratory model with coupled servomotors ETH which is situated in the Laboratory of Automatic Control Theory K26. There are chosen 4 different methods for the identification of the system (identification from step response, identification of the parameters of the state model, identification using frequency domain analysis and ARX model identification). After that is the attention devoted to basic and advanced control engineering principles. For the identificated model is designed at first the basic control by classical PID controllers commonly used in practise. And this is applied to the real ETH system in the laboratory. In effort to achieve better quality of the regulation are used in the next part of this thesis advanced control algorithms from the area of the modern control engineering as LQ, LQG and robust control. The angular speed is generally controlled variable, but also one controller of the position is designed. All results accomplished by designed controllers are compared and finally summarized in the conclusion.

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