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Electronic Control Unit of Hydraulic Actuator[edit]

Author: Jan Kovář

Diplomové práce 2010

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This diploma thesis focus on the design, implementation and testing of an electronic control unit of electrohydraulic servo actuator of a plane control surface . Software of the unit was implemented by Model-Based Design methodology. This design methodology enable to react flexibly to changes in the structure and parameters of the control system. Model-Based Design allows control algorithms testing on the target platform controller continuously. The architecture of the proposed unit is based on control requirements of an electrohydraulic actuator and respect requirements on direct integration into the Fly-By-Wire system. The aim was to design a controller with maximal reliability, durability and required redundancy. Electronic control unit uses CANopen protocol for communication with other Fly-By-Wire components. For position control of cylinder rod was used algorithms generated from MATLAB and Simulink. Generated algorithms take into account the processor target, especially real-time control calculations in fixed-point numbers. Part of this work was not only the hardware and software design but the complete physical implementation of two electronic control units, construction and interconnection of two channel control system for electrohydraulic actuator and the subsequent testing of the complete feedback control system.

Dp 2010 kovar jan.pdf