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Object reconstruction for ultrasonic phased array[edit]

Author: Jan Libosvár

Diplomové práce 2010

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This diploma thesis deals with nondestructive testing and evaluation. The ultrasonic defectoscopy si one of the methods of nondestructive testing. At first, ultrasonic phased array is described, especially modern method called sampling phased array. Next the techniques of parameters modeling of phased array element are mentioned, this will be useful in practical section of the thesis. At the end of theoretical part are characterized methods of ultrasonic phased array signal processing.

The ultrasonic signal processing method is realized in practical part of thesis in Matlab. It is applied to data generated by simulation of full matrix capture method. Computing is accelerated by parallel processing using GPU. Finally, the functionality of chosen method is tested on real data captured from professional ultrasonic device.

Dp 2010 libosvar jan.pdf