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Combustion Engine Model Identification[edit]

Author: Ptáček Libor

Diplomové práce 2010

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This diploma thesis will focus on the turbocharged combustion engine. Its aim is to verify and modify a computer model (a block library for model creation) of the specific combustion engine for the advanced controller design based on the models (MPC). The combustion engine is a complicated system described by various physical laws and in order to develop its model it is necessary to find suitable ways of a simplification. The simplification must preserve important characteristics of the control and controlled quantities. The block library of the engine simulation is based on the Matlab S-Function or more precisely on Matlab’s simulation environment called Simulink. After connection of all blocks according to the technological scheme it is necessary to fit the parameters using data provided by an engine manufacturer. There is a serious problem with numerical instability of the simulation caused by the nonlinear stiff equations describing the whole engine. Constrained state reduction is used to dealing with these problems.

Dp 2010 ptacek libor.pdf