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Modeling and control of water quality in a water distribution network[edit]

Author: Švarc Pavel

Diplomové práce 2010

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This document is devoted to the problematics of water distribution networks, specificaly to their control and modeling. The process of developing the hydraulic model of distribution network and its implementation suitable for real time simulation is described in this paper. Water age model is created as a superstructure of hydraulic model. The new method of water age calculation for the real time simulations in Matlab/Simulink is introduced in the text. The library of components is created in this environment for both of these models. The goals and targets of the control algorithms are stated. The theoretical background and the libraries of components are used in order to create a model of a part of a real distribution network in the case study in the second part of this document. This model is compared with the measured data and its similarity with the real system is reviewed. The control algorithm is designed to reach the goals listed in the text. This document is the first step in developing the real time hydraulic and water age model of the existing water distribution network and its control based on the water quality.

Dp 2010 svarc pavel.pdf