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Design and Constuction of a tiny Jet Engine Control Unit[edit]

Author: Vosecký Michal

Diplomové práce 2010

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This thesis deals with construction and design of a digital control unit for a modeler jet engine. The thesis references to results from bachelor thesis by autor and thesis by Miroslav Hájek. A brief description of basic functional principles is given in the first part. Second part deals with design of structure control unit (FADEC) with descriptions of all HW parts and sensors. The middle part describes design and implementation of all state machines for control and communication. Unit is designed to be compatibile with visualization SW provided by Miroslav Hájek. In the last part is description of using PID controller from authors Ondřej Špinka and Ondřej Holub and all implemented modes of turbine.

Dp 2010 vosecky michal.pdf