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Control of Tokamak COMPASS[edit]

Author: Beňo Radek

Diplomové práce 2011

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Themonuclear fusion in tokamaks is a promising global power source for mankind with practically unlimited fuel supply, if some residual physics and technological problems will be solved. This Diploma thesis gives a comprehensive view on control of tokamak, focusing on modeling and control of vertical plasma instability, as the leading instability in higher energetic state. First is built a mathematical model of the vertical instability caused by poloidal plasma shaping circuits. These circuits cause asymmetric effects of forces on the plasma column. The model is complemented by voltage amplifier, which dynamic properties are modified by current feedback. The voltage amplifier is modeled in two versions - as a continuous amplifier and an amplifier with two-position control. To control vertical instability is design several controllers using the methods of geometric root locus (P, PI, Lag), LQG controller (optimal linear quadratic with Gaussian distributed noise) and fuzzy controller. The best controller is LQG. Tuning of all controllers is also described.

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