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The Use of Heat Pumps in Buildings[edit]

Author: Ciller Alexandr

Diplomové práce 2011

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This thesis discusses the possibility of applying heat pumps in buildings for heating as well as cooling. The first chapter introduces the reader to the various types of heat pumps, advantages and disadvantages of their application depending on geological conditions, the parameters of the heated object, taking into account the possibility of combination with other heat sources and various heating systems. In the following part, for the clinic of Bioregena, the immediate heat loss depending on the outdoor temperature was calculated and the heating by heat pumps was evaluated. Further the annual heat loss of the clinics of Bioregena was calculated and compared with an exceeding realistic annual consumption with the use of the current regulatory system. In the last chapters, we have first covered the behavior of the object of Bioregena by status description and several courses for various outdoor temperatures were identified from measured data by method of least squares, using the ACADO toolkit. For the identified courses, with bright outdoor temperatures, we have designed heating management with minimal financial cost, and we have minimized the regulatory divergence from the reference room temperature. Finally, we have come to the conclusion that the annual consumption of heat with our designed management not only covers the annual heat loss of Bioregena that we have identified in previous chapters, but it also corresponds to the heat loss.

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