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Control module of model locomotive for transport laboratory[edit]

Author: Hönig Martin

Diplomové práce 2011

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The goal of these diploma thesis is finishing development of control module for model locomotive, wich will be operate on emerging transportation laboratory at CTU, Faculty of Transportation Sciences. Control module should take over a capabilities of commercially accessible control modules with some extra additional capabilities, wich is required for operating at transportation laboratory. Namely it should be capable of feedback controlling of motor at desired value at all possible load, gather and report position of train and distance moved to superior system and take over a~function of sound module. Bluetooth wireless technology is used for bilateral comunication. Thesis should determin a sufficient performance microprocesor platform based on formentioned requirements and present experinece (see. BP D. Pavlišta 2007, BP M. Hönig 2008, LAR - Model Locomotive - LQ control M. Hönig 2009).

Dp 2011 honig martin.pdf