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Dual stage stabilization[edit]

Author: Kratochvíl Lukáš

Diplomové práce 2011

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This diploma thesis was made in the team of Svíce project at department of Control Engineering, which develops stabilized inertial platform for unmanned aircraft vehicles. The aim of the first part was to design hardware and connect an experimental laboratory model of dual stage stabilization to PC in the way the members of the Svíce team could use it easily to test their own designs until the working prototype of Svíce 250 platform was made. The aim of the second part was to make a simplified control design for Svíce 250 platform based on experience with the laboratory model. For this purpose, the system identification was made, the special external control module was tested and successfully used for control of Svíce 250 and many practical problems with communication, data and signal transfer between platform and Matlab Simulink environment were solved.

Dp 2011 kratochvil lukas.pdf